Sun Bum

All my life I've struggled with sensitive skin. Whether it's finding the right sunscreen, lotion, or moisturizer it's been a struggle. Even Coppertone Sunscreen breaks my skin out.

One day I stumbled upon Sun Bum Sunscreen and I was a little hesitant on trying it but the smell was what made me try it. It smells sooooooo good, like a Hawaiian beach. After using Sun Bum products for a couple of days, my skin never broke out. Now, I only buy Sun Bum Sunscreen for the beach, pool, or lake. I also use Neutrogena sunscreen (which is made for sensitive skin) when reapplying but once you've tried Sun Bum, no other sunscreen brand can beat it.

So, what are you waiting for? Try it for yourself!

Press on an image below to shop the Sun Bum products that I use daily.