Summer VV Looks

As you all know, Vineyard Vines is my all-time favorite clothing brand. I love VV so much that I created my whole influencer theme, Southern Spoiled, around it. One of the many things I love so much about VV is that their clothes are very southern proper. All of my friends say that VV looks very country clubbish hence the reason why I got the name Southern Spoiled.

In this blog post, I will be posting my favorite VV summer looks and saying what I love most about them. If you see one you like or want to shop the look, just click on the image. Not all styles are linked so some images won't be available. I hope you find this blog post useful and helpful. Thank you Southern Spoiled fam for all your love and support!

This post was one of my back-to-school outfits for my senior year. What I love most about it is the light green. Light green I feel like is a color that not many people wear, or at least that's the case in Tennessee. I also love seersucker, I guess you could say I'm a sucker for seersucker, especially these light green seersucker shorts. One thing VV does is that they keep their colors consistent through all of their clothing. I bought this shirt a few years apart from the shorts but they match perfectly.

So VV has great dress clothes especially for going to a nice southern restaurant. This button-down I'm wearing is a performance shirt so it's very breathable and keeps you cool. Perfect for summer when it's 100° outside.

The VV's whale is a light pink color, I love the light pink color, and so I wanted to make it pop. So I styled this outfit with my pink Chubbies shorts. I also love VV's famous catchphrase, every day should feel this good. Let me just say their clothes live up to the EDSFTG reputation.

This is my favorite summer cookout outfit. My favorite part about this look is the bright blue. It's super summery and perfect for being out in the heat. I also love the circle whale on the back.

This VV outfit is one of my favorites because I styled it around Finding Nemo. On the back of the shirt is an under the sea marine life scene inside the whale. So I took that and ran with it. My socks match the back perfectly and they have Marline, Dory, and Bruce on them. The Shady Rays sunglasses really top the outfit off!

SHARK WEEK is one of my all-time favorite weeks!! Especially because VV has a new SHARK WEEK line every year with so many different looks. This particular shirt is from a few years ago but I still love it. This picture also looks very JAWS-like. I love how it turned out!

Red, white, and fabulous is written all over this fit! These VV 4th of July swim trunks are a must for out on the lake or by the pool. Vineyard Vines even featured me on their website for this post. Click on the image to be taken to VV's website.

What I love most about this outfit is that it can be a workout outfit or one your wear out in about like I did. It's also good for a long car ride or in 90° heat. Most people don't realize VV makes performance/workout wear. But their performance wear isn't too athletic-looking like some Nike outfits can be.

Just this year I really got into VV's swim trunks. The ones I'm wearing in the pic are actually a boys XL. For some reason, I can still wear VV kid's swim trunks. To put it into proportion I'm almost 6'2" with a 30in. waist and they still fit great. I definitely would recommend VV swimwear.

One of my favorite beaches is Kiawah Island, SC (right outside Charleston, SC). I got this Kiawah shirt at the Freshfields Vineyard Vines store. I buy most of all my VV clothes from the outlet store but this one could only be purchased at a regular store. But students, teachers, and military personnel get a 15% discount on everything. I also stacked my birthday discount on top of the 15% off and got this $42 shirt for $18. I love a good discount!

My favorite part about this shirt is the colors especially the yellow. So I found these VV shorts at the outlet for 45% off! Like I was saying before, VV reuses past colors so the two yellows are the same.

Saving the best for last! Every year I get so excited around springtime because I know VV is going to release their Kentucky Derby line. That's when I know it is officially springtime. The colors and the designs are so beautiful! I know it screams southern proper but I'm totally fine with that. Yes, the Kentucky Derby line is a little more expensive but so worth it. Sometimes you can catch it on clearance a few months after. My pants on the left were only $28 from almost $80. Waiting to buy something from the Kentucky Derby line might be more beneficial.