Solo Stove

You might have heard of the term Solo Stove before as it is becoming more and more popular each day. The Solo Stove is a wood-burning fire pit designed to be smokeless. You heard that right, NO SMOKE. I was blown away too when I heard that Solo Stoves are completely smokeless. I was so shocked that I had to purchase one to find out.

What did I find out? Well, Solo Stoves are actually smokeless. There was a little smoke in the beginning but after its first use, it's smokeless.

Another fun fact about Solo Stoves, they're portable. We ordered the Bonfire size (the medium size) which weighs about 20 lbs. It's perfect for small gatherings, family bonfires, or tailgating. The Bonfire comes with a travel carrying case so you can take it anywhere.

Of course, there are other sizes, Solo Stoves comes in the: Ranger size (15 in.), the Bonfire size (19.5 in.), and the Yukon size (27 in.).

Still don't believe me? Try one out for yourself.

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